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Long-Term Teaching Positions

Midwest China Council provides quality services in helping our networks of numerous Chinese universities and K-12 schools recruit qualified international teachers. Our networks of schools and colleges spread across China. We can either offer suggestions for candidates in choosing schools (colleges) and cities that are suitable to your needs, or placement choices in teaching positions, schools and cities based upon your requirements and/or preferences.  

Requirements of Teaching Positions 

  • Baccalaureate or higher degree at time of appointment
  • Native or near-native English
  • Good/excellent teaching skills
  • At least four-five-month or ten-month teaching contract 
  • Teaching or tutoring experience preferred
  • Interest, experience and ability to teach international students highly desirable
  • Cross-cultural sensitivity preferred 

Teaching Duties

Ideal candidates for the teaching positions will be expected to teach courses in the areas of English Conversation/Speaking, English Writing/Composition, English Reading/Literature, or American/Western Culture. Some teachers may also teach courses in subject field such as history, geography, or science courses in some international schools.

There are usually text books provided for teachers. You do not need to worry about curriculum development. However, teachers are expected to write lesson plans, take attendance, correct homework and even assist in academic counseling when needed.

Teaching load varies from school to school. The normal load is 12-16 hours per week, and other minor relevant duties may include participating in school or student activities such as student-organized English corners and staff meetings.

Salaries and Benefits

Salary is competitive, dependent upon the employing schools, your credentials and experience. Usually schools will offer the following salaries and benefits:

  • Monthly salary ranging from 6,000 Chinese Yuan (around $850 US) and to 12,000 Yuan (around $1,800 US) dependent upon the employing schools and your experience
  • Free housing (fully furnished one or two bedroom on campus apartment with A/C, TV, etc.)
  • Round-trip international airfare paid upon completion of 10-month teaching contract
  • Travel stipend or free local trip per semester
  • One month paid school winter break for ten-month contract
  • Paid Chinese holidays and Christmas
  • Free medical care as received by Chinese teachers in China
  • Visa fees after arriving
  • Transportation to the local airport when teachers arrive and leave. 

Time of Teaching

For four-five-month teaching contract, the contract time will be:  

  • Late August-Late January or Early February
  • Late January or Early February-Late June or Early July

For ten-month teaching contract, the contract time will be:  

  • Late August-Late June or Early July
  • February-Late June or Early July and Late August-Late January or Early February (Free accommodation (but not salary) will be provided for teachers during the uncontracted summer vacation) 

Application Procedures

You should apply at least four months in advance before your contract time. Here are the steps what you need to do:

  1. Contact us to fill in an application form
  2. Submit us your vitae or resume, and copies of academic credentials
  3. Review the employment responsibilities and offers provided by us
  4. Sign contract with employing schools or colleges upon agreement between you and the school
  5. Apply entry visa to China
  6. Prepare travel to China including air tickets

In summary, we recommend that China be your priority choice for international teaching experience for the reasons as follows:

Hard-working students eager to learn English well.
Quality English teaching is a prioritized mission for the majority of schools.
International teachers are perceived to be efficient in helping students master English.
A country with the traditions of respecting teaching and teachers.
Fair salaries and improved working and living conditions.
A country with the unique and deep culture that is worthwhile to explore while teaching.
A country that is an emerging economic power.  





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China--Your Destination of International Teaching Experience

If you are college graduate, a teacher in transition, a professor on sabbatical leave, a retired educator, an individual holding a degree and looking for a job, you may want to consider an international work experience to enrich your life and career. If so, China would be your ideal destination and platform for you to realize the "adventure" of your international experience.

It is no doubt that China is the largest country of learning English as a second language in the world. You cannot imagine how many English teachers/instructors needed to offer classes for 208 million K-12 students and 15 million college students. For the majority of schools, English is a required or core subject for students from 3rd grade to 12th grade. College students are required to complete at least 25 credit hours of English. Good English proficiency is plus for college graduates in seeking better jobs.

There has been an increasing demand of native English-speaking teachers in China over the past 20 years. Classes taught by English native speakers are proved to be more effective in student learning, particularly in students' language skills of listening and speaking. Schools and colleges with higher rate of international teachers teaching English are definitely more attractive to students and parents. Private and/or international schools, the new education entity/organization over the past twenty years in China, increasingly employ higher percentage of international school staff to improve their teaching quality and establish their reputation.


Midwest China Council

Summer English Teaching Program

Midwest China Council works with Chinese schools and universities in developing summer English programs in order to create opportunities for teachers who are interested in short-term teaching positions in China during summer. We also provide valuable information and services for tours in China if you are interested in paying trips to the other cities in China

When to Teach:  Three-six weeks during May-August 2009.

Who Can Apply:  College students of any majors, teachers, retired educators and other individuals

Where to Teach: Universities, colleges, and schools in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and other cities in South China

How Much Paid:  Participates will be paid a $420 stipend for the 3-week period and $550 for 4-week period. Airfare and Visas to China are the participants' responsibility (round-trip air ticket: approximately $1000, Visa fees: $100).

What Is Offered: Included in the program are the following perks:

  • Free on-campus (air-conditioned) room & board
  • Free transportation to/from the airport
  • Free weekend sightseeing to the city
  • Free Chinese language and culture classes if available
  • Free social activities including the welcome dinner, school visits, home stay, karaoke, local entertainment events.

What to Teach: Participants will teach one or two beginning-level courses in Oral/Conversational English, Reading , Writing, and American Culture.

  • Classes taught Monday-Friday
  • Classes limited to 20-30 students
  • 4-5 class periods per day, 45 minutes each

Applicants should apply at least two months before the start time of the internship program (May-August 2009).

Application documents include: a current resume or vita, one reference letter, and copy of passport (if available).  Submit all material by email to Mindy Huang and contact her for more information.

Research Opportunities

Midwest China Council also serves professors and researchers (on sabbatical leave) who are looking for opportunities of research and collaborative research projects conducted in Chinese universities. We provides suggestions and recommendations for your choice of Chinese universities, agencies, cooperative professors and cities and help contact the Chinese counterparts for your research projects. Please feel free to contact us for your need of services.