Study Abroad Programs

Chinese Language and Culture Learning

Learn Chinese and experience Chinese culture in the exciting and comprehensive Language and Culture Programs offered by the renowned universities that network with us. The programs are designed to meet the broad goals of basic language skill development and general culture learning as well as the more specific goals of a variety of programs in language and culture. We can recommend or you choose the university located at any city that you would like to study at the programs from a minimum of one month to one year course, and from very beginning to advanced levels:

  • Programs with long and successful history 
  • Experienced faculty with advanced degrees in teaching Chinese as a second language.
  • Small-sized classes with an average of less than 10 students
  • Seminars on selected topics of Chinese culture including Chinese painting, calligraphy, opera, Chinese cuisine, Chinese medicine, and Taiji
  • Intensive language skills classes
  • Free attendance in language and non-language classes offered for native degree-seeking students
  • Mutual language tutoring program with native speakers
  • Week-end free city tours, field trips, entertaining activities, and home stay 
  • Leading to degree-seeking program
  • Work study opportunities by teaching or tutoring Chinese students English

Chinese Martial Arts (Kungfu)

Midwest China Council works with Chinese universities in developing various programs of Chinese martial arts, Kungfu, Taichi, Qigong, and Tae Kwon Do to meet the needs of American learners. Programs were designed in order to be best suitable to the martial art practitioners and lovers from beginning advanced level. Schools of south and north, styles of hard and soft, and techniques of offensive and defensive are selected and integrated into the programs based upon your needs and conditions of learning. Length of learning time is flexible from one week to an Academic Year: 

  • Quality programs offered by College of Physical Education within renowned universities
  • Highly qualified and experienced Chinese martial arts masters and trainers and instructors
  • Determining certain martial arts style that works best for you by assessing your physical conditions and preferences
  • Setting your practical martial arts goals to be achieved within the period you are going to learn by tracking progress against your goals.
  • Integration of language, culture, and history learning with martial arts techniques
  • Free after-class training under supervision
  • Interactions with Chinese practitioners
  • Free weekend trip to martial arts schools
  • Option to combine martial arts with Chinese language or culture program
  • Work study opportunities by teaching or tutoring Chinese students English

Chinese Traditional Medical Sciences

Midwest China Council works with Chinese universities of traditional medical sciences in developing programs of acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese massage, and health cuisine. These programs are designed with the purpose of helping students cultivate their own energy, achieve and maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit, and lead happier, more balanced lives. Students will learn the ancient Chinese concepts and beliefs of what constitutes the human body and illness. Participants will gain basic knowledge and skills of acupuncture, massaging, healthy-style cooking, and Chinese medical techniques including diagnostic methods and treatments using herbal medicine and massage. Period of study is flexible from one to six months:

  • Combination of general learning and specific area of study based upon the needs and preferences of participants.
  • Emphasis on the healthy perspectives in learning purpose including healing-through-movement and healing-through-eating, and healthy life-style
  • Integration of intensive class learning, clinic visits and practicum.
  • Comfortable and well equipped classroom and labs staffed by caring and knowledgeable professionals
  • Options to combine language, culture, and history learning
  • Free after-class training
  • Interactions with Chinese practitioners
  • Free weekend city tour and/or participation of cultural events


Midwest China Council also provides services to any individuals who have specific needs of study abroad programs in China beyond the above programs. For more information, please feel free to contact us.


Chinese culture is very representative in Asian countries. Many cultures can trace their origin back to the Chinese culture. Learning the Chinese culture can certainly be helpful for getting familiar with the cultures in the other countries in Asia. If you learn how to communicate with Chinese people, you will have no worries in how to communicate with the other Asians.

Chinese language and culture has become increasingly attractive to young people. Chinese is beginning to rival other major global languages as a "must learn" language. The best way of getting to know a language or a culture is to have the learning and work experience in such an environment. Learning and working in China will enable to view things from a Chinese perspective. Combining the knowledge and views of both East and West will certainly give you an advantage or a plus in the competitive job markets.

You will have the opportunity to get to know the Chinese language, the Chinese people and their culture. Midwest China Council networks with numerous prestigious universities in China and offers professional advice and services in assisting any individuals include students and educators to seek their study abroad programs and internships in China. No basic knowledge of Chinese is required. In most cases you are able to take additional courses of Chinese and some universities have made this compulsory. We encourage you to take the opportunity to experience an ancient country and learn a language that is not as difficult as many believe! Midwest China Council also has agreements with various schools and colleges in China in offering paid internship programs to meet the needs of gaining work experience for US college students and educators.

The information in the following programs is to provide you with an overview of options for studying in China. For more information you can contact us directly. We will teach you how to identify and achieve your study goals. No matter your circumstances we are confident that we will give you the know-how to get in the study abroad programs and internships that best fit you. With our professional services, you will definitely achieve success at any Chinese university.

China has a history that covers over four thousand years, nurturing a rich Chinese culture, and contributing to the world civilization. Many Chinese cultural elements such as Zen, martial arts and Chinese medicines have become the global heritages and are well accepted by many Americans. Ever since Confucius, education has been very important to the Chinese. College education has become priority in China with the largest population of 15 million college students in the world.

Why Study in China?

It is a common recognition that China is an emerging economic power in the 21st century. In the last 30 years the rate of Chinese economic growth has been almost miraculous, averaging 8% annual growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The economy has grown more than 10 times during that period. Most analysts and researchers project China to become the largest economy in the world this century using all measures of GDP. A recent study by economist Albert Keidel of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace concluded that China's economy will overtake that of the United States by 2035 and be twice its size by mid-century. China's rapid growth is driven by domestic demand more than exports, and will sustain high single-digit growth rates well into the 21st century. Chinese companies are booming and are increasingly playing important role in the global economy. Some of the companies are taking over major multinationals and entering on the international high quality and high technology product markets.

China represents the largest market of 1.3 billion consumers in the world. In purchasing power, China already has the biggest economy after the United States. Many US multinationals have entered the Chinese market and reaping their benefits. Undoubtedly, there will be a growing demand for Chinese speaking professionals, or at least those who know how to do things in the Chinese way.

Study Abroad & Paid Internships in China


Paid Internships

Summer English Teaching and Touring Programs

Looking for something unique in summer? Why not check out our summer English teaching program in China that provides a stipend and free local trips and accommodations? This program offers the added benefit of acquiring international work experience through internships, but also provides participants the wonderful opportunity to learn Chinese language and culture. Applications are now being accepted to spend part of the summer teaching English in Guangzhou, China, which is located in the southeast about 2 hours outside of Hong Kong.

WHEN:  Three-six weeks during May-August  2009.

WHO:  College students of any majors. Teachers, retired educators and other professionals are also accepted.

WHERE: Universities, colleges, and schools in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and other cities in South China.

HOW MUCH:  Participates will be paid a $420 stipend for the 3-week period and $550 for 4-week period.  Airfare and Visas to China are the participants’ responsibility (round-trip air ticket: approximately $1000, Visa fees: $100).

WHAT: Included in the program are the following perks:

  • Free on-campus (air-conditioned) room & board
  • Free transportation to/from the airport
  • Free weekend sightseeing to the city
  • Free Chinese language and culture classes if available
  • Free social activities including the welcome dinner, school visits, home stay, karaoke, local entertainment events.

Participants will teach one or two beginning-level courses in Oral/Conversational English, Reading, Writing, and American Culture.

Classes taught Monday-Friday
Classes limited to 20-30 students
4-5 class periods per day, 45 minutes each

Applicants should apply at least two months before the start time of the internship program (May-August 2009). Application documents include: a current resume or vita, one reference letter, and copy of passport (if available).  Contact us to submit all material and for further information.

Long-Term or Degree-Seeking Programs

Midwest China Council will recommend the best fit institution of higher learning to you based upon your specific interest and purpose of study if you are seeking for long-term (more than one semester)study or degree-seeking program.

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